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Yes as part of our business we offer a complete fly screen replacement service.

We will move all the furniture as part of our window cleaning or blind cleaning services.

Because of our unique cleaning process and we guarantee to get rid of all odours including horrible food and cigarette smells leaving blinds smelling fresh and new again.

No need for the customers to move furnishings and window coverings for us to clean their windows.

Our payment terms are 7days and accept Cash, Credit cards or by EFT.

Wet days do not affect blind or window cleaning so we will be there rain, hail or shine.

We work from 7am – 7pm 6 days per week

We always aim to offer a prompt service and will always try to oblige our customers by completing their cleaning within their required time frame.

Blinds should be wiped over with a damp soft cloth and mild cleaning solution between professional cleans to help protect and prolong the life of the blinds.

Windows should be cleaned on a regular basis to protect the glass from oxidisation. Clean Blinds and Windows make a house feel clean and tidy.

We have been in the Window furnishing industry for over 25 years. So we know all the latest trends, fashions and pros and cons to all types of blinds.

We guarantee the quality of all our Blinds and Services.

All Blinds are locally manufactured. This is to ensure, quality and speedy delivery and installation. No one wants to wait for blinds to be made and then sent half way across Australia.

From time of acceptance of quote we aim for completion and installation of Blinds 10 working days.

Most Blind cleaning jobs are the same day service. We will come and remove the dirty blinds early and reinstall the new looking sparkling clean blinds later that afternoon. This is so our valued customers are not inconvenienced and can sleep easy knowing their privacy and sleeping will not be disturbed.

We price Ultrasonic Blind cleaning on a per square meterage price so if the customer measures the width x the height of the blinds we can give a very accurate estimate of the cleaning cost without even having to view the blinds. Our prices are generally well below that of our competitors as we are a family run business without franchise fees or other hidden costs.

Our prices are very affordable and we offer a free quote service for Blind and Window cleaning. As all jobs are different and have different requirements we are happy to discuss and personalise the service to suit our customers’ needs and budget.

We offer a complete service for Blind Cleaning, supply and installation of blinds, All blind repairs as well as Window Cleaning to Unit managers, Real estate rental property managers and body corporates.

We carry a full range of the latest trends in blind samples and colours. So when you have a blind measure and quote it will also be a colour consultation too so we can match the perfect blinds to your home.

We leave Windows completely streak free and Sparkling clean without using products that will leave a film on the glass and attract Dust and Dirt. When you clean your windows yourself this effort usually only lasts a few short weeks before they look dirty again and this is mainly due to the fact that we use products that are generally not available to the public or available at your local hardware store.

All Window cleaning includes Tracks And Screens in the price so when you call Advanced Blind And Wind Cleaning rest assure that your windows will be cleaned properly – every inch of them.

We use only bio degradable environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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I was so impressed with the professionalism of this company, Craig arrived on time and got stuck in straight away. All the windows were cleaned inside and out and they stayed clean far longer than when I clean them myself, I am really really happy.

Cleveland, QLD

We have possums in our backyard that make an absolute mess of our glass pool fence. We had Craig come out and professionally clean the entire pool fencing and he did an absolutely stellar job, very professional clean.

Brisbane, Bayside